About Wing Nutt Brewing Company

We are Wing Nutt Brewing Company

We are three individuals with diverse backgrounds with a great passion for brewing, enjoying life and having fun! Our team consists of Molly Frana, Art Schramm and Andrew Frana.  Molly’s background is in Food Science, Art’s Information Technology and Business Management, and Andrew’s Agricultural and Civil Engineering.

Our goal is simple, start a craft brewery in or around the town we live in, Altoona, IA. Why Altoona you ask? It’s a great community that is growing, the water quality is excellent as we get our water directly from the Jordan aquifer, and last but not least, we live here and want to be part of the success and growth of our community.

Our company values are Community, Excellence, Integrity, Passion, Adventure and Fun!

We have decided from the start to give back to our community yearly, so from the time we open our doors, we’ve committed to sharing 10% of our profits annually with our community.

We look forward to you all sitting in our taproom someday in the very near future and appreciate all the support you’ve given us to this point!  All your kind words have really spoken volumes to us and really inspired us to keep moving forward with this and making it into the reality it has become.

So, what’s a Wing Nutt? A Wing Nutt is a person that has a lust for life and wants to see people smile and make people laugh.  That’s us.  Are you a Wing Nutt? We hope you are!