We’ve been busy!

It’s been a while since we’ve posted an update, so here goes.

We’ve been busy brewing, planning, sampling and many other facets of starting our brewery over the last few months.  We have our lease signed and are planning on starting the build-out in the next couple of months.  We’ve submitted our paperwork to the TTB and are waiting to hear back from them as to our brewers license.  We’ve had the great opportunity to hand out samples of our beers at the Little Giant Beer Summit @ el Bait Shop as well as AltoonaPalooza! We’ll be doing another public tasting real soon as well!

The question we get asked most is, “When are you guys going to open?!”.  Our answer is pretty simple, all in due time.  We have a date in our heads, but as we’ve learned in the process, not all things go as quickly as we have them pictured in our heads.

Cheers and Thank You for your continued support!